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A Teenage Depression

No Mood

Fifty years ago almost no one was talking about depression, but it is becoming reality now. This mental disease was spreading dramatically within last 20 years and it proves that people are more stressed than before. Along with that, this problem is more common for young people, especially students, as everyone is fighting for their own place under the sun. Today we’re going to look at major reasons and solutions for depression.

Team-Building: The Main Rules


While working in the team each person must take a particular place. It is an axiom of team-building. So who should be in the team and which role is assigned personally for you? We have prepared some interesting facts which are given below.

School Discipline Essay: Example

Students at Break

Nobody can argue that discipline at school is vital for the capacity of kids’ learning and their well-being in general. However, some people claim that children need more freedom during studying and opportunities for individual development. There is a common opinion that school kills creativity because of strict regulations and taboos. In this article, the issues of discipline in educational institutions are discussed, and main points of its importance are presented. This material may be useful for students who make a research or report on that subject.