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Islamophobia: Writing a Review of an Actual Issue

Muslim Student

Islamophobia is a course of actions and statements that are regarded by Muslims as hostile to Islam. It includes massacres, criticism of Muslims, their doctrine and social practice. Such attitude mainly appears because of Muslims’ denial of other religious doctrines, their intolerance, rejection of gender equality, and the frequent rejection of the progressive phenomena. There are a lot of prejudices against Muslims though some of them are complete myths. We’ll try to figure out and outline which factors create such issue as islamophobia and how to see the difference between true and obtrusive facts.

Summer Holidays: Have Fun and Work on Yourself

Girl Doing Yoga

There are three reasons which make students epoch the best time in your life. Those reasons are June, July and August. Summer holidays in other words. If you don’t have a tough job during those hot months you’ll probably think how to spend your free time so in the end of summer you may say: “That were the best holidays in my life!”