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Internship Romance: Will It Influence Your Future Career?

Office Romance

You have finally landed an internship of your dreams and are eager to do everything in your power to create a good impression on everybody and are ready to deal with all the challenges on your way to success until, out of the blue, you realize that you begin to like one of your attractive co-workers more than you probably should. And it surely makes you worry as those feelings may have an impact on your work performance and it’s not a good sign considering that it’s your first job experience. So how to deal with it?

Quick Reading: Becoming a «Reading Master»

Person with Books

You’re having a terrifying seminar tomorrow and you’re obliged to read 1 thousand and 1 page for this class. On the other hand, it is an enchanting spring/ summer/ winter/ autumn/ warm/ cold/ rainy weather (underline the necessary), and your friends call you and invite to go out... Is this situation familiar for you? How to cope with these enormous everyday pieces of information? Is it possible to cover a lot of them? Let’s find out!

Descriptive Essay on Your Old House

Homey Cottage

When you are assigned a descriptive essay, usually the professor wants you to paint a picture of the subject in question just with the help of words. If the subject is your childhood home, you may need to dig deeper into your memory to bring those words to life. Can you make the reader feel like they have been to your house? Here are a few tricks to accomplish just that.

Remote Internship: Ways to Show Your Best

At The Computer

You have landed a remote internship, is it a good or a bad decision? It surely has its advantages, you will be able to spend the whole summer at home with your close friends and relatives! While it's surely a positive side, you will still have to complete all the tasks remotely with all the tempting distractions. That is the other side of it. How to get everything done accordingly? Here are some easy steps for you.