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The Best LinkedIn Profile: Mind Your Image

Personal Page

It is a common thing that students need a good job to earn their living. LinkedIn is a good website on this purpose. LinkedIn profile is something more than just a social network page, or an online resume: it is a good website for you to find the best way to apply your skills. How to get a good deal and interest the HR managers with your personal profile?

Social Life and Studying: How to Find Time for Everything

Young People Communicating

Do you want to get straight A’s at school or at the university and have some free time to have fun? Are you overloaded with homework and don’t remember when was the last time you hung out with your friends? Each and every student dreams of the possibility to combine studying and social life. Although it seems almost impossible, it is still real. Here you can find some useful tips that might help you.

Types of People We Become After Leaving College


College life gave you almost everything you ever needed: the ability to always study something new, friends living a few steps away, cheap meals, free gym on campus, and hundreds of various events to attend. So, of course, it's difficult to get used to new after-college life when everything is just a little bit more difficult. These amazing student years have passed too quickly and you have to be a mature and independent person and deal with adult stuff. Most likely, you have a full-time job, no time for yourself and tons of bills to be paid. Yes, adult life changes us completely, here are the common types of people we become after the graduation.

Leaving High School and Reasons Why This Is One of the Best Experiences in Every Child’s Life

Happy Graduation

You are about to graduate, and you fear of new upcoming life is surely understandable. Right now you must be in denial about the high school graduation as moving to college means parting ways with most of your friends, leaving your hometown, and changing your lifestyle completely. Don’t worry, college life is not as frightful as it may seem to you at this point of life. Being a freshman will be tough sometimes, but once you get used to it you will never want to get back to high school again.

Day-to-Day Life in Dorm

Party in Dorm

Someone once told that people are much happier while living together. This is probably the reason why living in dorm is that popular among youth. It is also said that you have never actually been a student if you have not lived in a dorm of yours. Daily dorm life can be very different and very bright. One will see students of all kinds: from boring geek covered in books to the king of a day.