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Is Death Penalty Justified? Pros and Cons

Judge Announces a Verdict

It is no doubt the issue of death penalty introducing is controversial, and people`s opinions were divided. Some find it cruel and unfair; others support the establishment of such a procedure. Here are several points which prove benefits of capital punishment

Less Crime

It is logical to assume that criminal rate will decrease in case of death sentence existence. It means that people will think twice before breaking the law and do violent crimes too. So, capital punishment is a kind of warning. Moreover, death warrant cancels the possibility of misdeeds made by the same person who was released from the prison. That way a lot of crimes can be prevented, and ordinary citizens will be protected.


From a moral standpoint, punishment has to be equal to the crime. It is the major argument of death penalty supporters, and it is hard to disagree. Violent offenses, such as murdering, abduction, excruciation and so on should be condemned by rights. Very often society is indignant because the verdict for the lawbreaker is too soft. It can even lead to the protests and demonstrations in support of crime victims.

Cheaper for Budget

It is well-known fact that jails are crowded nowadays, and the government spends millions of dollars for its holding. What`s more most prisons are mediums of spreading diseases and infections. However, amnesty is not a great solution as there are many dangerous prisoners who can`t be sentenced. It is proved that death warrant costs less than imprisonment for life.

Contrariwise, there some disadvantages of this method. It can be not as fair as we used to think.

False Judgement

There is no insurance against misguided sentences, and its price is people`s lives. A person who didn`t commit any crime can be condemned to death because of false evidences or somebody`s fraud. It is not just hypothesis; history has examples of many miscarriages of justice when people were sentenced to death and posthumously rehabilitated in the succeeding years. That means everybody can become a victim of iniquity.


Such values as kindness, humaneness and compassion are the basics of upbringing, advocated in the whole world. Revenge isn`t related to these qualities, nevertheless, it is the thing that judgement of death offers us. Many people consider death warrant too cruel and violent, they say there more fair ways to punish a person who accomplished crime. What`s more, introducing of death verdicts will take a chance of re-education of offenders. It is true that everyone merits were getting one more opportunity to improve himself and become applicable to the community. If such possibility is taken away, we can`t tell it is a rightful method of punishment. On this basis, we can even say that death warrant is amoral.

Prisoner in Jail

Social Issue

The conventional view is that death sentence is judgement for mainly poor, people who are rich and belong to the swell society can avoid it. Also, there are racial prejudices in event of capital punishments; it is biased against African Americans for example. That kind of judgment can lead to rebellious mood among certain ethnic groups.

All in all, it is still a discussion if the death punishment is righteous and beneficial for the society. Certainly, such decision shouldn`t be taken in haste. For now, all that remain to do for ordinary people is believing in the fairness of justice.

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