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Having a Lot of Friends in College, Is It Important?

Every student knows that meeting new people and getting new friends is essential. College time is a new and important part of your life, you will have quite a lot of good and bad things to deal with during this period, it will be so much better for you to have people you can rely on. Here some useful steps on how to get new friends easily:

Focus on the good things

The first and the most important step is your personal attitude. If you hate everybody around you, you won't be able to find any friends. So stop it! Nobody is perfect; we all have our own traits. It’s so much easier to see a person’s bad sides, but try to focus on the good ones! If you catch yourself thinking negatively, remind yourself that everybody makes mistakes and it's normal and essential.

Give a smile

It’s not a secret that positive people attract others. So no matter what the situation might be, smile and everything will get better!

Help others

Everybody loves to be taken care of. You have to remember about it. In order to build a strong friendship, you have to learn to think about other person's wishes as well as your own. So do some simple gestures once in a while just to show your close friends that you appreciate them.


Stop being afraid

You have to understand that all the possible fears of meeting new people are just in your brains. We constantly worry about the first impression we make, whether the other person is going to like us or not, etc. The more we worry about it, the scarier it looks. You have to get rid of these feelings until they destroyed your character completely. Think that all the people are equal, and probably, another person is thinking the same things. Even if there are people who do criticize you on who you are or what you say or do, think if you really want to be friends with them.

Start small

If you are a shy person, a lot of new acquaintances at once might be too intimidating for you. So first of all, start communicating people you just greet and say goodbyes to. Take some courage and send a simple message asking how they are doing. Try chatting with these people via social networks first, you may even offer a meet-up later. Who knows, it may be a start of a true and long-lasting friendship.

Don’t sit at home

By sitting at home you will waste the best times of your life. You are young, free and confident. So accept the invitations, go out more often and start living! You won't be able to have a lot of friends unless you step out of your comfort zone.

Be yourself

You don't have to change yourself to be respected. It will never help you to get a lot of friends. That’s the whole thing - it’s all about being you. The true friendship is built with both parties accepting each other for who they really are. So stop worrying, take yourself together and believe your life will be perfect from now on!

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