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Breaking Your Own Ice in Communication

Be interested in many things

Eleonore Roosevelt once said: “Never be bored and you will never be boring”. In order to be interesting to different people you need to be interested in various things. Of course, it is wonderful to be an expert in a certain field, but it is always a great idea to explore as much as you can about what is going on in today’s life, to try new things, to read a lot. In this case, you will always be able to have a conversation with different people, as you know or at least have heard about something they are interested in. But at the same time you should never be afraid to show that you do not know something. Acknowledgement of that fact actually shows that you are confident enough and other people would respect that. If another person is an expert in something you would be lucky enough to learn something from him. The clue is to be interested not only in different things, but also in different people, trying to get to know and to understand them.

Imagine that other person is your old friend

It is an old secret used by many students. If you are afraid of your teacher or are very nervous on your exam, try to imagine that you are talking to your close friend. That will help you to relax and probably to remember even something you had no idea of knowing about. This hint works not only with teachers, but with any person you get nervous around.

Eye contact

Keep an eye contact

Being able to look into other person’s eyes shows your confidence, your interest and your sincerity. If you are struggling with doing that, try to find out new person’s eye color when you meet him for the first time. In one movie, people admired the way one of the girls looked everyone straight in the eyes, deeply and thoughtfully. Her secret was that she was looking at her own reflection in other person’s eyes. Who knows, maybe it can work for you as well a couple of times.

Chewing gum

It may be hard to believe, but chewing a gum can help you to be less nervous! The thing is that in our mind food is usually associated with comfort and safety and you can fool your brain – it will “think” that you are eating and will send the signals of safety that will help you to feel more confident.

Smiling person


It is not a secret that a smiling person attracts people much more than a grumpy one. It is psychologically proved, that our mimics influences our inner state. For example, if you make a crying face and keep it for some time, you would actually start feeling sad and remembering something not quite pleasant about your life. Use this human ability for your own good! Smile, and in a short time you would really feel much happier on the inside. Another interesting psychological fact is that when people laugh in a big group everybody looks either on the leader, or on the person he is attracted to. Look around and you may find out something interesting about others and yourself.

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