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Internship Romance: Will It Influence Your Future Career?

Office Romance

You have finally landed an internship of your dreams and are eager to do everything in your power to create a good impression on everybody and are ready to deal with all the challenges on your way to success until, out of the blue, you realize that you begin to like one of your attractive co-workers more than you probably should. And it surely makes you worry as those feelings may have an impact on your work performance and it’s not a good sign considering that it’s your first job experience. So how to deal with it?

Is It Normal?

Surely, it’s a common thing in every office. People see each other every day, communicate, share goals and interests, and often fall in love with each other as a result. But, unfortunately, not every office love story ends up like Pam and Jim’s from The Office and you should realize and think about it before jump in this relationship. It’s much more complicated in the real life, the best variant is when you are both interns and don’t work for the same boss. This way, there is nothing bad in your love encounter if it’s not contradicting company’s policies of course. If you work in the same department and have full-time jobs, it might get very tricky. While even if your company doesn’t have any restrictions on those types of relationship between the employees, a lot of bosses don’t welcome it because of possible consequences on the work performance. But if you feel the other person is your soulmate you are ready for some sacrifices to make it work, right?

Think About the Consequences

While your head is probably occupied with other thoughts, you should remember that office romances often have a negative impact on the future career. A lot of companies have rules against inner-office romantic relationships, especially for interns. So be cautious, your funny love encounter may cost you the job! Another thing to consider is gossiping. You may only be good friends with your coworker while the other employees may initiate different rumors. It’s extremely unprofessional and won’t give you any benefits in your future career. The goal of any internship is to make people see your work-related accomplishments and not the details about your personal life.

How to Deal With It?


Even if you decided not to develop your relations, it doesn’t mean that feeling will just disappear, unfortunately. Surely, something like this is very hard to ignore, especially when you see the hints that your attraction is mutual, but you have to remember why you are here in the first place – your job and gaining a working experience. Try to avoid situations when you are alone with your crush and don’t break the touching barrier. Every time your mind starts to wander somewhere it shouldn’t slightly shake your head and once again remember that you have to concentrate on your assignments. Live a life! Meet new people outside your job; don’t let this become the center of your universe. The more occupied you will be with different tasks, the less time you will have for dreaming about that person. Avoid flirting, even if it’s very tempting; treat this human as a good friend, this will surely help you to stay more work-focused.

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