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Islamophobia: Writing a Review of an Actual Issue

Muslim Student

Islamophobia is a course of actions and statements that are regarded by Muslims as hostile to Islam. It includes massacres, criticism of Muslims, their doctrine and social practice. Such attitude mainly appears because of Muslims’ denial of other religious doctrines, their intolerance, rejection of gender equality, and the frequent rejection of the progressive phenomena. There are a lot of prejudices against Muslims though some of them are complete myths. We’ll try to figure out and outline which factors create such issue as islamophobia and how to see the difference between true and obtrusive facts.

Ruining Myths

Islamophobia and hatred thrive because the majority of people perceive Muslims as enemies to any other faith, calling for killings and attacks. As the result, more and more people are filled with misunderstanding and hatred towards the doctrine. For example, the often manipulated ninth Surah of the Koran says that polytheists must be killed. However, it clearly defines who are these polytheists – those who wanted to kill the Prophet in Mecca. If we look deeper, Koran condemns war. Sometimes, stereotypes about the Muslim faith generate hatred against just the regular peaceful believers.

The Idea of Islamic State

States where Islam is the main religion were divided randomly. A common problem for these countries is the low level of education, and the so-called Islamic State (all the lands where Islam is considered to be a main religion) joined by people who have no education and right perception of Islam. Now these territories are overcrowded with religious fanatics for whom religion isn’t something personal and spiritual. They interpret this as a way of manipulating people. Religious fanaticism is an extremely serious thing, but we should remember that it is another side of the coin that is present not only in Islam. Now the Islamic countries are exploited by the idea that Islam is the religion of the chosen ones, they came with the sword of the Prophet, which in the right meaning symbolizes education, science and culture. However, this understanding can be interpreted differently, considering the sword literally as a weapon. This method was used during the time of colonization. Therefore, conservative Muslims are at greater condemnation than the ones adapted to modern times.

Islam and Media

Usually, Islam is understood as a way of manipulation people. ISIL attacks, commissions of murders and suicides. Why does every day, turning on a TV, we see a terrorist with a beard who glorifies Allah? One-sided coverage of Islam in the media gives rise to the idea of misunderstanding and hatred. Who has read the Koran? As you know, this is not a book that can be read over a cup of tea and biscuits. It appeals to serious things and people who really studied Koran consider it as a book of wisdom, not a praise of war or murders. People who find peace in this religion are filled with spirituality and some special kind of grace. The idea of so-called Islamic state on the one hand, is the product of geopolitics, on the other hand, it is the result of the deep crisis of the Middle East because of post-colonialism.

Praying Muslims

How to React?

Discrimination against people of the Muslim faith is spread worldwide and is not a new issue. Nowadays, efforts for preventing islamophobia are needed more than ever before. Attacks against Muslims, their homes and houses of worship are becoming more frequent, but because media covers only one little piece of a huge pie, a lot of citizens are unaware of the attitude they get. Taking fears and banal stereotypes too close to heart is such an unfair thing! Get rid of them and then you’ll see a HUMAN in front of you at first, not a victim of a religious doctrine.

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