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Learning New Words: Interesting Tricks

When you study foreign languages, it's extremely important to keep memorizing new words in order to expand your lexicon. However, new words learning can be tricky for most of the students. If we don't know the best way to retain new vocabulary, eventually, we will forget what we have learned. Expanding your vocabulary is a time consuming activity that depends on good habits and a lot of practice.


Say no to flashcards

When you start searching different learning new word methods, the first one that is offered are flashcards. Many students start to work on their vocabulary this way, but then discover that it's not the easiest choice. Why? Because our brain usually struggles to recall random things, it's much better when they are linked with something bigger. Flashcards are the fantastic way to repeat the words you have already learned, but not the new ones.

More reading

While reading, you will pick up new words without even realizing it. Besides, you will see how the word is used and understand its correct meaning through the context. So don't hesitate, find the book you've always wanted to read and begin. If it's hard for your language level, start with comic or children's books first. Make sure you are really interested in the material you read, it will make your words learning process even more pleasant.

More practice

Practice is an essential part of every learning tactic. How could you know the word if you don't understand where to use it? It's important to practice speaking the language you learn on a permanent basis. You will not have any problems with that if, for example, you are an international student. But what to do in other cases? You may try a website where you can have a live video conversation with other people. There are plenty of sites like that, spend some time and find the one you'd like to join, it will be fun!

Associations and connections

Relate the new word you are trying to learn to the ones you know. For instance, the word 'tiny' has a similar meaning to the words microscopic, miniature, very small. Try to make a sequence: giant, big, normal, small, miniature, tiny. Take a piece of paper and write down all the words that may be considered as tiny. Draw a picture of how you understand the meaning of the word. Believe me, all these things will definitely be useful.

Play a game

A gaming technique is one of the quickest ways to learn new words. Try variable games, such as Scrabble, Boggle, crosswords, anagrams etc. It will help you to memorize words in an unusual and funny way.

How to make the most?

No matter what activity you use to remember new words, there are few ways of how to really help yourself to learn the definition. When you read a text and see an unknown word, try to guess its meaning using context clues first. After you have made your assumptions, you may look it up in the dictionary and check yourself. This way, you will have no troubles memorizing this word.

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