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How to Be Motivated in Your Studies

It feels like the more you study, the more there are the things you need to learn, doesn’t it? Or maybe, no matter how hard you try, it is hard to raise your grades to your desired lever? And even though you were full of passion when you enrolled into university, now it seems more and more difficult to just open your textbook. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of students. The problem is finding the motivation to go on. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Recall Your First Step

What was the reason you decided to enroll? Maybe, you wanted to become a teacher just to see the amazed faces of small kids, when they learned something that you taught them? Or maybe, you joined aircraft engineering, to be a part of the process that makes planes fly? However silly the cause, it was the push that made you take your first step. Remember it in vivid details for a few minutes each day, and just concentrate on the possibilities you can achieve if you try just a little bit harder. You can even make a collage of all the goals you want to achieve and stick it on your wall near your desk. This way you will always keep in mind why you need to continue studying.

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Organize Your Studying Process

It is extremely important for you to be comfortable with your studying. Do not stress over the marks, but concentrate on what you are trying to achieve. If one subject is more interesting to you than another, try to learn it even deeper, find a few textbooks for advanced learners. Also, remember to take everything you can from your classes. If you surf the internet or doze off instead of listening to your professor, chances are that you will have to spend your free time memorizing what you could have already learned in class. Maybe, the motivation lies in the words of your teacher!

Tell A Friend

Nothing boosts your motivation quite as much as telling a friend something you have learned. Even if it is a couple of Korean words, a paragliding technique, or the way to properly take care of a clownfish, if your friend is new to the subject, they will be amazed at how much you know. Talking only to your classmates will make you feel like everyone knows the same things as you do, but telling your grandma, postman, or a friend from another faculty will surely raise your self-importance, and will make your knowledge seem special. Just try it, and you will feel the motivation to learn more pump through your veins, as your friend asks you to tell them more!

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Try to find a few minutes a day to revise at home. If you revise regularly, you won’t have to study everything in that one night before the exam. This will make you self-confident and give you a positive attitude, not to mention that your grades will get better. Everyone likes receiving good grades, and it is a great motivation to continue your studies!

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