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Breaking Your Own Ice in Communication

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Eleonore Roosevelt once said: “Never be bored and you will never be boring”. In order to be interesting to different people you need to be interested in various things. Of course, it is wonderful to be an expert in a certain field, but it is always a great idea to explore as much as you can about what is going on in today’s life, to try new things, to read a lot. In this case, you will always be able to have a conversation with different people, as you know or at least have heard about something they are interested in. But at the same time you should never be afraid to show that you do not know something.

Pieces of Advice that Make Couples Happy

Sometimes, we hide our feelings or our wants in order not to hurt another person. Unfortunately, it makes no good for either of you. As the number of unsaid, hidden things grows, you become angrier on your partner, it is done unconsciously even if you don’t want that, while he/she has no idea that you are unhappy with something. Talking and being honest is fundamental for any relationship, as accepting a person with who he/she really is makes two people a couple.

How to Hook Your Essay Reader?

An impressive essay beginning is what hooks reader and makes him interested in reading your paper text. There is a rule that journalists take benefit from: “To catch your reader`s attention you need an effective heading and the intriguing first 2 lines”. The thing is that it takes first 5 seconds for a person to evaluate a paper. So, learn how to get use of those 5 seconds and leave no chances for failure for your essay.

Secrets of effective note-taking

It is obvious, that there is no better way to create a short guide through all the material you have learned during the semester than notetaking. It is individual, as different people prefer writing down the new information in their own way. Some can use tables, actual text, schemes and even drawings. You are free to choose any kind of notetaking, but here are some rules, that will help you to make your notes easy to navigate and use.

Helpful Tips on Writing a Report

A report is a quite specific genre of academic writing that requires certain rules to be applied during the writing process. Mostly, the report is written about a certain research, project, experiment or an internship. Here are the basic hints, which one should consider for the successful report completion.