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Types of People We Become After Leaving College


College life gave you almost everything you ever needed: the ability to always study something new, friends living a few steps away, cheap meals, free gym on campus, and hundreds of various events to attend. So, of course, it's difficult to get used to new after-college life when everything is just a little bit more difficult. These amazing student years have passed too quickly and you have to be a mature and independent person and deal with adult stuff. Most likely, you have a full-time job, no time for yourself and tons of bills to be paid. Yes, adult life changes us completely, here are the common types of people we become after the graduation:

The Sentimental One

The ones that always complain because they can't get the fact that college life is over. Every time you meet a group of your friends, people of this type usually get too nostalgic and misty-eyed remembering their student times. They never miss the opportunity to leave a sentimental comment somewhere in the middle of every conversation. They don't even try to enjoy their life here and now because they are convinced that the best part of their living, which is college, is over. If you recognize yourself, you better get out of this state. You are not becoming younger and if you don't want to spend the most amazing years of your life in regrets and denials you have to do something about it. Beside doing your best to get the most of each day you live, try to block your sentimental wishful thinking by remembering something bad about your college life, like all-nighters before exams or failed tests... maybe that will help you to stop complaining about your life.

The Workaholic

If your days don't differ much from each other, you wake up early in the morning, work until the sun goes down, order food, come home, check your work email, go to bed at midnight, then wake up and do this routine again, the diagnosis is evident – you are a workaholic. These people don't do anything besides work, they always have some food in the desk drawer in their office so not to take any breaks, they can't live even twenty minutes without checking their working email. But the life cannot be like this all the time, they will burn out eventually. There should be a balance between your working and personal time so to keep yourself energized. Plan at least a couple of times when you can take a break and rest during each week. And resting means turning off all the electronic devices and keeping all the thoughts about work far away from your head. Go have a walk in a park, ride a bicycle, read a book, or even visit a spa! There are so many different activities to try, don't keep yourself from the benefits our life offers us.

Rolling Stone

Wandering Person

The type of people who don't have any goals to achieve in life. They live constantly wandering and do not know what to do with their life, they change their mind every day and don't even bother themselves thinking about settling down. While it's not a bad thing to wander a little bit after graduation, it's very easy to lose your path in life if you don't have any goals. Better take some time and think about your life and who you'd like to become in future so all your wanders could have a final destination.

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