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Pre-College Romance: Why It’s Better to Move to College Being Single

College Sweethearts

So, you’re single. Whether you’ve just broken up with your school sweetheart or you’ve been solo for a while, there is nothing wrong with it and it’s surely not a thing you should worry about. Being single while starting your college life has more pros than cons, don’t you believe in it? Here are the reasons that might change your mind:

You Can Have a Crush

Believe me, you will meet so many new people and a few of them will surely catch your eye. Being single will let you flirt and chat with all those individuals without feeling guilty or dishonest. Besides, having a crush at your college will help you to avoid skipping your classes and do your assignments properly as you will have a person you’d want to impress.

You Can Join the Clubs You Want

Without a boyfriend or a girlfriend who takes all your spare time, you can easily concentrate on the funny sides of being a student. Like different parties, clubs, communities, and other activities. That also triggers exploring your personal interest that will help you to meet a lot of people and make new friends.

You Can Focus on Your Studying

As lame as it sounds, college is all about learning new material and preparing different assignments. And all this can be done faster and easier if you are not distracted by constant texting and lengthy Skype conversations. Surely your boyfriend/girlfriend comes first, but higher education is what you’ve enrolled college for and studying process will surely be much easier if your thoughts are focused on the material during classes.

You Can Party

One of the biggest advantages of being single while starting your college life is the ability to visit all the parties you want without feeling guilty. You can meet, communicate, flirt, and hang out with all the people you wish and make a lot of new friends of the opposite sex.

You Can Concentrate on Yourself

Independent Woman

College is all about discovering the different parts of your personality and the best way to do this is through being single. For almost all the individuals, college is the first time you get to be independent and learn to live on your own. But you can’t really do it when you are in a relationship. While having the other person to rely on is surely great, learning to rely on your own efforts is much better.

You Will Surely Meet Your Person

When you are 80 years old and telling your grandchildren the crazy stories of your young years, most likely, they won’t like to hear about your hours-long text conversations and Skype sessions. Starting freshman year in a relationship could be one of your biggest regrets. You can’t go to parties, you can’t hang out with a lot of people, you don’t have time to join clubs or visit different campus activities, etc. It’s like you’re missing out all your college life! So clearly your single status is not the end of the world, it’s just the beginning! The person who is meant for you will surely be by your side sooner or later.

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