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Quick Reading: Becoming a «Reading Master»

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You’re having a terrifying seminar tomorrow and you’re obliged to read 1 thousand and 1 page for this class. On the other hand, it is an enchanting spring/ summer/ winter/ autumn/ warm/ cold/ rainy weather (underline the necessary), and your friends call you and invite to go out... Is this situation familiar for you? How to cope with these enormous everyday pieces of information? Is it possible to cover a lot of them? Let’s find out!

Train Your Attention

Have you ever noticed that when you’re attentive while reading, you do it faster? The matter is that our attentiveness is directly connected with the quality and the speed of our reading. That’s why it is extremely important to develop this skill. Sometimes we’re reluctant to read some really boring information, e.g., technological instructions or «dry» and old textbooks for studying. How to make you interested in this information? Try to find some excitement and motivation to read it. You may conduct a competition with your friends who will read the textbook for the exams faster! Also you can note the time during which you’re reading something and set your own records! In addition, you can often get distracted from your reading because of some «irritating» factors. This can be your neighbors at the dormitory or the noise outside. Create artificially some «irritating» factors when you read so to strengthen your attention.

Suppression of Articulation

When you read, you can notice how often you try to articulate some words or even sentences. It decelerates your pace because your uttering hinders the acceleration of the reading. One more obstacle is the «speech in your head». Really, sometimes it seems that someone is uttering in your head the story which you’re reading. It is exciting if you have the possibility to read slowly. If not, you have to suppress the wish to articulate and ignore the «inner speech». It is easier when you try to visualize the images. When you do this, all your «voices» disappear and you read faster.

Develop Your Visual Skills

The main accent in the quick reading is being done on the quality of the visual perception. The main skill is to learn to read the text not from the left to the right, but from the top to the bottom. It makes your reading much faster and develops the skill to percept the information more fruitfully. To master your visual skills, you can use Schulte Tables which you can find in the Internet. To learn how not to «run» from the left to the right of a page you need to start reading some narrow columns (articles in the newspapers of poems). Then you can try reading narrow prose texts and do your best to cover the whole text form top to bottom.

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Structuralizing and Memorization

You need to structuralize the text to digest it efficiently. You have to set a goal of your reading: why you read and what information you would like to find? It is profitable to separate the text into a few parts. That’s why pay attention to the paragraphs and try to catch the sense of each of them. Reading without noting the key points is almost useless, that’s why don’t lose the opportunity to highlight the main information and save your writing or electronic summary. Remember one more important thing: you increase the quality of the reading when you percept it emotionally, visualize the images and engage all of your physical means of perception. Keep up!

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