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School Discipline Essay: Example

Students at Break

Nobody can argue that discipline at school is vital for the capacity of kids’ learning and their well-being in general. However, some people claim that children need more freedom during studying and opportunities for individual development. There is a common opinion that school kills creativity because of strict regulations and taboos. In this article, the issues of discipline in educational institutions are discussed, and main points of its importance are presented. This material may be useful for students who make a research or report on that subject.

Well-Organized Community

It is true that class or group at school is considered to be a small community with its own conflicts, relationships, and needs. Discipline is the thing that helps to monitor it and regulates a microclimate there. Controversies are mainly solved thanks to school rules of behavior; in the case of its absence, it will be a complicated task to deal with students’ quarrels. In that way, school discipline helps to organize studying in the certain class, institute cooperation and team work.

Preventing of Conflicts

Availability of precise rules of behavior at school makes everyone aware of his or her freedoms and things that may be punished by direction. That decreases the amount of polemics between stuff and pupils and teaches them to be respectful to authorities. Moreover, there are fewer children’s conflicts as such events will definitely be chastised. The problem of school violence will be solved as well. It gives the youth understanding that using force or bullying each other is taboo in a sound society.

Students at Classroom

Better Studying

School discipline teaches students such vital qualities as being hard-working, patient, respectful and persistent. These features are very useful for learning, getting new knowledge and skills. On the other hand, missing classes or exams relating to discipline rules is strictly punished, and parents are informed of such facts. That leads to better marks and gaining more experience for adulthood. Moreover, schooling rules may include some regards for best pupils. It can be financial one or just putting one’s name on the board of honor.

Experience for Adulthood

School discipline is the correct analogue of rules of behavior at the workplace, for example. That means kids will be educated for adult life with its responsibilities and restrictions. A certain type of deportment is filled in one’s mind at a young age and adapting in college or at work will become much easier and comfortable. Moreover, such qualities as amenability, politeness and patience are welcome in any kind professions.

Summing up, discipline at school is truly needed for qualitative and effective education, despite it may seem too strict and limiting thing. It gives an opportunity to prevent various conflicts, solve the problem of kids’ violence and develop some important personal qualities among students. However, freedoms and rights of children should be neglected. They demand the opportunity for creativity performing and individual improving. Only the combination of discipline and liberty is able to provide prosperous education system and make pupils ready for an adult life.

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