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Pieces of Advice that Make Couples Happy

Be honest

Sometimes, we hide our feelings or our wants in order not to hurt another person. Unfortunately, it makes no good for either of you. As the number of unsaid, hidden things grows, you become angrier on your partner, it is done unconsciously even if you don’t want that, while he/she has no idea that you are unhappy with something. Talking and being honest is fundamental for any relationship, as accepting a person with who he/she really is makes two people a couple.



No matter what is going on around, how busy you are at this time of your life, your partner should always be among your priority concerns. A simple question, such as “How was your day?” means so much, it shows your mutual care. Of course, you should be interested in the answer. Another great question is “What can I do to make you happy today?” Erich Fromm said: “If I love a person, I take care of her, I take an active part in this person’s happiness and development, I am not just a spectator”. We should all follow the example of this great philosopher and psychologist, whose books, such as “The art of loving”, “The art of living” and many others have helped many people all over the world.

Share your plans

Being a couple doesn’t mean that you must spend all your time together. If you want to meet with your school friends or have been invited to the concert – it is absolutely fine, but your partner should know about that. By sharing your plans you make sure that they don’t seem to be something bigger than they really are, your partner knows where you are and doesn’t worry and he/she can make his/her own plans and enjoy him/herseslf. And it is always nice to talk about your evenings later!


Support one another

Every person wants to know that there is someone who will always be on his/her side. Be this someone for each other, believe in one another, take each other’s side. Respecting, protecting, giving each other feeling that you are not alone in this world – these are the things that form a strong bond between two people.


Surprises can be big or small, but they always make our life brighter and show that we care. The simplest things can make the hugest changes in someone’s day or even life. Get your partner’s favorite ice-cream when you go grocery shopping to show that you are thinking about him/her. Do the laundry, even if you have never done it before. Or go to a nice restaurant on a regular night, without any special occasion – any night can be special for two of you if you want it to be!

Don’t be afraid of the quarrels

It is okay to have misunderstandings. It is okay to fight from time to time. You can get angry at someone even if he/she is a love of your life. But it is important not to let quarrels to ruin what two of you have. Do your best to solve the problem together and celebrate the end of your misunderstandings!

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