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Get Your Money Back is an online service that provides the customers who need high quality writing assistance with the necessary help. One of the main components of success is the full satisfaction of customers and that is what we are striving for. As our experience in the academic writing field is more than 5 years we were able to arrange our cooperation with the clients in the way that more than 96% of them are happy with the service that they get. 

Although we are doing our best to meet the customer’s demands sometimes it is not possible to elude misunderstandings, which is why we have developed clear and fair policies to protect the rights of the customer in the cases of dissatisfactions with our product. As our customers are took care of by our money back policy, which you can check in details below. Here you can find the cases when you are eligible for getting refund, the process of requesting money back and the amounts of possible refund in different situations.

How to open a dispute at

The process of opening a dispute is easy. All you have to do is just to send a complaint through email to the DD  (you can get the address per your request from our customer support representatives). The period of dispute review usually lasts for 7-10 days depending on how complicated your case is.

What to include in the dispute request email?

The effectiveness of the resolution of order’s dispute will depend on the information, which you include in your email. It must contain:

  • Your order’s number;
  • The reasons for opening the dispute;
  • If the completed paper is incorrect –the specifications of the wrong areas, points that were improper and instructions that were not followed;
  • If your paper has been graded, please, attach the proofs of dissatisfying grade.
  • In case plagiarism has been detected, please, you are to send the Turnitin report to us to verify the issue and fix it.

How to get the process of dispute review moved on?

In order for your dispute case to be resolved as soon as possible do not ignore the emails from our Dispute Manager but respond them promptly. The effectiveness of dispute resolution depends on your communications with DD.

Money Back Cases

  1. You have placed 2 identical orders or made a double payment.

    In these cases you are eligible for getting full refund of the payment that has been made accidentally. You only have to inform the customer support about the issue. After it is checked you will get one of the payments back very shortly.

  2. The writer has not been found for your order.

    In 99% of cases we manage to assign the most proficient writers for the assignments that you delegate to us for completion. However, if the support team informs you that no writer has been found for the order completion because of the tight time frame or the impossibility to complete it you will get your full payment refunded. The customer will be notified about the issue by our representative and, what is more, is provided with the discount for all future orders.

    In some cases we are unable to find the writer for a revision. If this issue happens to you, please, contact our DD and they will offer the most suitable resolution, according to the specifications of your order.

  3. Late delivery of the completed assignment.

    There are several significant factors, which influence the time of your paper delivery. Without doubts we do guarantee that you will get your completed assignment within the time that you indicate as your deadline, however, due to certain reasons, it can be postponed. One of these reasons is the late attachments or responses from the customer to clarification messages. Please, make sure that you provide all the necessary information and attach all the files that are essential for a proper completion of your assignment. In case the lateness was caused by the customer’s ignorance we will not issue the refund for it. However, if we are to blame for the order’s lateness you can get the partial refund:

    In case when the order’s deadline is 4 hours and the lateness is more than 17 minutes you can get the price recalculated according to the quote for longer deadline order. After that , the payment difference will be issued back to the customer’s payment account.

    When the customer’s deadline is 7 days or more and a slight lateness happens, the partial refund is possible. You can get up to 10% back. This type of refund is sent back if the customer requests it. If the writer or a support team asks the customer to extend the deadline (for a reason of paper’s complex character, tight time frame or any technical issue) and the customer gives permission to it the refund for lateness is not possible. We hope for your understanding on this matter. A dispute opening is possible only within first 10 days after the was uploaded to the customer’s personal page at our website. If the claim is sent later than mentioned it will not be taken into account.

  4. Late delivery of the revised paper.

    If the revised paper has been sent to you later than the time limit, which you have set, you are able to claim about the issue to our DD. They will review your case and offer the refund of up to 15% of the order, depending on your situation, in particular. When opening a dispute, please, remember that no more revisions will be possible for this order.

  5. The paper was not completed up to the desired standard.

    Although in most cases our customers are happy about the completed tasks, which they receive, sometimes the misinterpretations occur, which may lead to the claims about the paper’s quality. If you are not contented with the paper that you received, please, send the email to our DD with all the details and reasons for you dissatisfaction. After the claim is reviewed, you get an email response from the manager about the resolution of your case. Usual period of dispute resolutions is from 7 to 10 days.

  6. The preview paper has been received by the customer and has not been approved so far, This case is suitable for unlimited revisions or order’s disputing. This situations allows full refund if the customer provides valid and details reasons for dissatisfaction by the paper. After your claim is received by the DD there is some time needed for its assessment and the development of proper solution. The response regarding your dispute case is issued as soon as possible.
  7. The final version of the paper is received and approved by the customer. This case does not allow issuing of the full payment back but you can get up to 30% of your amount paid depending on the specifications of your case.
  8. Order’s cancelation and refund.
    • In case your order has been already completed even if the deadline has not expired so far no refund is possible;
    • If the writer has not been assigned for your order you can get full payment back;
    • If we have managed to allocate the writer for your paper completion already but half of your time limit has not expired yet you can request 70% of your payment to be sent back;
    • When more than ½ of your deadline passed you are able to apply for 30% of refund.
  9. Additional features refund.

    Please, be attentive when requesting additional features in your order as all of them (writer’s sample, Turnitin report, editor’s services, and summary of the paper are not refundable). The only feature that you can get money back is the category of the writer in the cases, when no writer has been assigned so far.

  10. Plagiarism issue.

    Our service’s principle is completion of only original papers free from plagiarism and with the highest percentage of uniqueness. If you claim that your paper contains high % of similarity we will kindly ask you to provide the plagiarism report from Turnitin system or your educational institution. If you provide this proof of plagiarism the case will be reviewed by the DD.

    Please, note that our special plagiarism detector checks all the papers for the percent of similarity, but the most accurate results are given by Turnitin only. The customer should consider that the Turnitin system saves the papers to the database, therefore, they can be shown as plagiarized if submitted for the second time.

    Important Reminder:

    The dispute is able to be opened within first 10 days after the first variant of the completed paper has been produced. After this period expires we are not able to review the dispute complaints and all the orders are sent to the approved section automatically, this is why we are encouraging our customers to be careful with time. We appreciate when a customer contacts us regarding any issue so we manage to solve it at the very beginning and elude miscommunications.